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Dimitri Simeonov
Street musician from Bulgary, in Stuttgart


Our first taste of Balkan Music

On our first day in Germany, we decided to walk around the streets of Stuttgart, just to warm up .. After only an hour of trying to pronounce all the street names that told us absolutely nothing  (and were frankly unpronounceable at first), we hear, in the distance, a pretty nice guitar sound ..  It was Dimitri, a “Strassenmusiker" or street artist.  He sits there, playing his music, the music of the Balkans. 

Conversation was somewhat difficult simply because he spoke only German and we .. Not at all. But so what? Everything is possible! Only two days after meeting him, Dimitri welcomed us into his home where we met his wife and son, to record this first video of our "Home Made” series. 

The room was full of emotion when he began to play, not singing in German or English, it was almost as if he had opened his soul, and oddly, as of that moment, we began to understand. 

His story is powerful and full of thuse mishaps that do not prevent you from being good, and he proved that to us: he shared Coffee, cigarettes, sodas and he would have given us everything even though he has far less than we do (at least materially). Despite some difficulties in communicating this first experience with Dimitri has shown us that music has no language, age, or border .. And is only an exchange and sharing.

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