Music Together, Promoting diversity through music ! 

The aim of this project is to create music together. The idea is to bring together artists of all styles and from different corners of the world around the same song. From a basic group of guitar chords, one after the other, the musicians allow the inspiration to add their music, and together they will create a single song.

''Don't Worry'',
a Bobby Mc Ferrin cover 
(the first video) 

To launch the association and the projects, in 2013, TwoGather gathered artists around an already known song, the famous Don't Worry Be Happy. The members are now ambitious and do not want to use other people's music but to compose new music.

Maxime Bernier (Vocals / Guitar), C. Gomez (Accordion), Raphael Améaume (Vocals / ukulele), Ophelia Orenes (Vocals)
Emilian Gillet (Vocals), Simon Lyobard (Guitar), Julien Deleglise (Rap), Marie Nicolosi (Vocals / Guitar), George Lucas (Vocals)
Maxime Watrin (Bass), Maxime Talavera (Guitar), Quentin Coulon (Chant)
Joel Powell (Vocals)